1: Aquamiser Nozzle fits 15/16” Standard Aerator Housing.

2: Unscrew the aerator Housing, keep the faucet rubber O-Ring safe, in case you need to un-install your Aquamiser.

3: Your Aquamiser includes a Standard 15/16" Male Housing. If your faucet has a Male Housing (i.e. the threads are on the outside of the Housing), just simply screw on the Aquamiser into the faucet.

If, however, your faucet has a Female Housing (i.e. the threads are on the inside of the Housing), then pull out the bottom piece of your Aquamiser, and replace the Aquamiser Housing with your faucet's original Female Housing. 

4: Ensure there are no leaks. Tighten with a wrench if necessary.

5: Slip the Aquamiser Cover into place.

6: Enjoy extreme water saving (0.05 GPM / 0.18 LPM) in Mist Mode.

7: Twist the Aquamiser Cover one full turn to switch to Rain Mode for a higher (0.47 GPM / 1.8 LPM) water flow.

The Aquamiser Cover is deliberately designed to discourage frequent switching and encourage users to operate Aquamiser mostly in Mist Mode. 

Instructions for installation must be followed in compliance of all applicable building and construction regulations pertain- ing to water systems. Where these instructions conflict with such regulations, the regulations should always take precedence. In case of doubt, please consult a professional for correct installation.


If you are not satisfied with this product or if the product is found defective upon first use, please have it shipped to the returns address listed on the product website for a full refund or replacement. Aquamiser will not compensate for return shipping, but will ship a replacement for free, if the complaint complies with warranty claims. Please include order and purchase details like date of purchase, order number, and shipping details. Aquamiser products are under manufacturing defects warranty for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The warranty is void if the product has not been correctly installed or used for purposes other than what it is designed and intended for. The Product may require periodic cleaning to remove any general water impurities, or calcium deposits (depending on water source) that might require soaking the product in vinegar overnight followed by a rinse to gently remove any such deposits. The warranty does not apply if the product is improperly cleaned using abrasive or corrosive cleaners. Moreover, the warranty does not cover costs for third parties or damages or for any other costs over and above the cost of the product itself.


Use non-abrasive non-toxic cleaners to gently wash the product. Do not use lime removal products, alkaline products, acidic products, or cleaners containing alcohol. It is recommended to uninstall the product periodi- cally and wash away any water borne deposits that might have accumulated over use. General periodic cleaning should in most cases be sufficient to keep the nozzle from functioning at best capacity. However, depending on the source water used, such deposits might need soaking in vinegar overnight and a more aggressive wash and clean to dislodge and restore functionality.

Adjustable Flow Function: Depending on the installation, the product might not function in the Mist Mode by default and the initial water spray might be uneven. Please let the water run for a few minutes after installation. Ensure that the adjustment valve is turned clockwise all the way. Turning it clockwise will eventually bring the nozzle to the Mist Mode. Leave it there for the Mist Mode, or turn it anti-clockwise about 90-180 degrees to switch to Rain Mode. Twist back clockwise 90-180 degrees to return to Mist Mode. Please avoid any further turn anti-clockwise from the Rain Mode will increase the water flow and eventually render the flow uneven.

Mist Mode 0.05 GPM (0.18 LPM) @ 3 Bars
Rain Mode 0.47 GPM (1.8 LPM) @ 3 Bars
Not suitable for pressures below 2 Bars or pressure-less water systems.