A vast majority of bathroom and kitchen faucets are Standard Size (15/16"), though there are few "Junior" and "Tom Thumb" size faucets too (For detailed size information, please refer to this excellent resource). Aquamiser fits Standard Size faucets by replacing their aerator in less than a minute. The whole process is completely reversible, so if for any reason you want to revert back to your regular tap, you can do so.
We accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and PayPal.
Yes, we do.
The product itself comes packed in a robust corrugated 3"x3"x1.5" cardboard box with a foam insert. The box is shipped in a bubble padded envelope. We ship only through Canada Post, but other shipping methods will be introduced shortly to give customers more choice.
Water saving aerators are primarily just restrictors i.e. they restrict the flow of water. However, restriction only works to a certain extent, beyond which the trickle of water becomes too weak to be of any use or effectiveness. Aquamiser converts water into a high speed mist, and the resulting cone of moisture washes hands just as effectively while using a fraction of the water flow.
We will be introducing different colors, including really cool translucent “jewel” versions along with chrome, brass, bronze and other popular metallic coated versions in the very near future. Please sign up to our newsletter to get updates and exclusive introductory discounts when we launch new products.
In Mist Mode, Aquamiser uses only 0.05 GPM at 3 Bars pressure. In Rain Mode, Aquamiser uses only 0.5 GPM at 3 Bars pressure.
Aquamiser’s Mist Mode flows 20 times less water than a regular eco-faucet, and 10 times less than the most economical water saving aerator on the market.
Aquamiser works best between 3-5 Bars pressure, and is not designed to work in pressure-less systems.
Yes, like any faucet filter or aerator, it will trap residue from the water flow. The amount and frequency depends on the quality of water running through the faucet. However, in most cases, just a simple tap and rinse will restore it back to normal.
None, other than periodic washing, depending on what quality of water is running through the faucet.
We recommend periodic uninstallation, tapping the sediment out, washing with clean water, and re-installation. Severely hard water could deposit lime scales in your Aquamiser, in which case, an overnight soak in vinegar and a wash in the morning would restore it back to full functionality. Please note that there is a nylon centrifuge in the inner housing of your Aquamiser that could get dislodged with vigorous tapping. If it does, just drop it back in and press it in slightly so that it lodges in the inner housing again.
Mist Mode is the most water saving mode of Aquamiser. What would barely be an unusable trickle from a regular tap, is converted into a dome of high speed mist, which washes hands just as effectively as a much bigger flow of water.
Rain Mode increases the flow with just a 180 twist of Aquamiser, for instances where a relatively higher flow is required. You will still save more than half the water coming out of an eco-friendly faucet.
Yes you can. Repeated uninstallation and reinstallation does not damage your Aquamiser. In fact, this makes it ideal as an accessory for RVs and Boats. Keep it in your toolbox for long off-grid trips or boon docking where you want to conserve your water more than usual.
Yes, many popular tank less water heating systems ignite at 0.05 GPM.
Aquamiser is made of FDA Compliant brand new Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) which is Food Safe and fully recyclable.
A major reason for a leaking installation of Aquamiser is a faulty fit of the rubber sealing ring of the faucet. We recommend a more careful reinstall, with the rubber seal properly housed within the faucet. Tightening the aerator housing also solves any leakage related issues.
Yes, we have supplied commercial and residential multi-units with large orders that are bulk-packed instead of individually packed units. It saves on shipment and packaging cost, which we pass directly on to the consumer.
Yes, presently its only available online, or at Trade Shows that Aquamiser participates in. However, we are seeking and negotiating for various redistribution / reselling partners throughout Canada and the US. If you are interested, we would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line at support@aquamiser.ca and we will respond within three business days.
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