Water - use it, not abuse it

Water is plentiful, and it’s cheap, right?

That’s the general perception of North Americans when it comes to water.

While its true that we sit on top a disproportionate volume of the world’s fresh water supply, yet increasing population densities are creating pockets of water stress in Canada and the US as well.

California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, southern Ontario (particularly the GTA), and parts of the Prairies have been designated severely or highly stressed areas.

Seeing large bodies of water around us gives the perception of plenty, but we ignore the long, tedious – and expensive – journey of this water from a lake or river to our tap.

And we generally, also don’t realize that the water flowing from our tap has to make an equally arduous journey across the sewage and waste water system, back to the lakes or rivers. Though it’s treated in most cases, a significant portion of it adds to polluting the very source it was drawn from.

So the message is quite simple really. Just because we are blessed to have plenty of it does not mean that we waste it.

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